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New logo, new site, new merch, new blog, new everything!

Hi everyone, today marks a really important, and long-time coming, day for Albino Buffalo. If you’ve been with us from the start, you know we haven’t had much of an online presence in the form of an updated, active website. Well, that changes today! :) Say hello to the new!!

Here you’ll be treated to an updated artist listing complete through our latest series, along with random blog posts by yours truly, and the part I’m most stoked about…Merch!! Since day one, we’ve been asked where to get an AB shirt or pack of stickers. Well, ask and ye shall receive. The MERCH section is linked to our Paypal account, so feel free to purchase knowing we finally have a legit setup. Also, you might have noticed our logo has gone through a bit of change on the opening page. We thought after 4 years that it was time to give him a little more personality so we updated the logo to be a bit more where we’d like him to be.

Take a look around the new site and let us know what you think! If you see something we’re missing, let us know as this is a continued work-in-progress for us. If you’d like to be an AB artist, hit us up too, we’re always looking for more regional artists to participate.

Thanks for being patient with us as we took a little time away from social media and general updates. We wanted to focus on this site to make sure we did it right and devoted some time to making it happen. Love to all our participating artists and fans!

- Jeff (owner/operator of Albino Buffalo)

Oh and one last thing…Series 9 is officially coming March 2019. Stay tuned :)